Vaporetto Lecoaspira Steam Cleaning Machine

If you are looking to raise a step above the average in home consumer versions of steam cleaners that are sold at big box stores throughout the United States, then you must look at an Italian import that has filled the gap between consumer and commercial floor and upholstery cleaning equipment. Polti steam cleaners have made a point to excel well past their competitors, and rival others that are supposed to be above them in grade. Imagine having the quality of an all purpose steam cleaning device that usually a service company would only own, that not only cleans your carpet, but also your hardwood floors, drapery, windows, and upholstery too.

The Polti steam cleaner has limitless uses in your home or business, and is backed by a company that has been in business for almost forty years. Frank Polti’s vision in the steam equipment business was started in the 1970s after having a conversation with customer, and decided to start creating professional grade products that were to be used in the home. It started with a clothes iron called the “Vaporella”, and then he went on to creating steam spas in 1984. 1992 started a legend in the cleaning world, as he unveiled the Vaporetto, which would clean the whole house with steam heated to one hundred and twenty degrees Celsius.

Many cleaning service companies have known all along that the only way to truly clean just about anything in a home or business setting is with a steam cleaner. The chemical companies would gladly tell you otherwise, as they would be out of business in a short time if the truth were known and believed by everyone. Steam can clean glass, plastic, concrete, brick, hardwood floors, vinyl, PVC blinds, ceramic collects, and just about anything else you can think of that would not be damaged by water or heat. It is pure, and powerful enough to remove minute particles of debris for any porous material, and will not leave a residue, as cleaning chemicals will when finished.
Now combine the best steam cleaner known to the free market with the function of a vacuum cleaner, and you have an unstoppable cleaning force with the Polti Vaporetto steam cleaner. It even has a water filtration system built into the unit to prevent the spreading of any contaminates when cleaning. The standard accessory attachments will allow a multitude of cleaning situations and will only take you a few seconds to switch tools to get started. From the multi-purpose floor brush, steam vacuum nozzle, the one hundred and twenty degree concentrator, bristled insert, and the window squeegee you have all the gear crucial to undertake any personal or professional cleaning situation.

Yes, steam cleaners for home are readily available at discounters nationwide, but you will never come close the degree of professional grade cleaning as you will with the Vaporetto line of home steam cleaners. Even commercial cleaning companies that contract with office buildings use Polti’s equipment during their nightly cleaning. All of the products are very sturdy, and stand up to continuous use, and at the same time they are very light and do not cause a physical burden for the person using the equipment.

If you have ever wanted a spotless home that you know is practically free of germs, and dust then you absolutely owe it to yourself to try out one of Frank’s steam cleaning marvels for yourself. If you click on to their website you can order a demonstration DVD to see exactly how the Vaporetto line is put through its paces, and how well of job it does for the discerning homeowner.

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In 1984, Polti founded its first stock company settled in Olgiate Comasco, whilst the launch of the factory in Bulgarograsso, which remains the headquarter of the group, took place in 1994.

Polti’s creative energy did not stop. In 1994 the range of Aroma coffee machines was born.

In 1996, the plant of Araras in Brasil was opened to produce the appliances for the South American market.


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